St. Paul: A compelling case for soccer

by Joe Leyba on September 17, 2015

united-logoSo what’s new on the Twin Cities soccer front?  “No comment”  is the #1 answer when asked about a soccer specific stadium.  Over the past six months, the focus for a stadium has moved from Minneapolis to Saint Paul.  Hopefully you’ve all be keeping up with the news over at Northern Pitch, but if not, here’s the very latest:

St. Paul has made its case with care for a professional soccer stadium at the former Metro Transit “bus barn” site near Snelling and University avenues.

In a story by Brian Quarstad, the only thing the city and team are still waiting on is Major League Soccer’s (MLS) approval of the site and plan.  It looks like it’s going to happen soon.  When exactly, nobody knows.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if construction started this year.

Here’s to celebrating the coming announcement!


stadium-siteShow your support for Minnesota United’s proposed plan for a soccer-specific stadium at the West Loop Minneapolis Farmers Market site. This is an opportunity for Minnesota to have a group of locally-based owners put forward a $250 million private investment into the community and build a world class facility that will act as a destination and anchor point for developing and enhancing Minneapolis. A MLS soccer-specific field is a unique experience and is unlike any currently available in the northern Midwest.

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