What MLS4MN is all about

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Minneapolis is considered a front-runner for a final spot in MLS expansion plans to reach 24 teams by 2020. – Sports Illustrated

Welcome, people of the world, to the website devoted to bringing Major League Soccer to Minnesota. We are humble people with a simple dream. We want Clint Dempsey to run around our a stadium on a cold, spring night in Minnesota, so that we can make him cry like a child. Is that too much to ask?

This website was created to drum up support for getting an MLS team to Minnesota. Now, before you call us crazy, check out our FAQs page and start learning about the past and present of Minnesotan soccer. We are a state with a long history of supporting soccer and we’re ready for our close-up Mr. Garber!

But I can’t imagine that when this league is fully expanded … that we don’t have another team in the Midwest” – Don Garber

Minnesota United FC in training 2014
photo courtesy of www.mnunitedfc.com