MLS Expansion Map 2013

by Joe Leyba on December 3, 2013

MLS expansion

This image is going around Twitter right now.  Thanks to Mike Firpo for tweeting it.

It comes from MLS Commissioner Don Garber’s 2013 State of the League address.  Truthfully, there are no surprises here as far as the cities go.

As I wrote in a facebook post last month while responging to a post:

As far as future MLS expansion, we already wrote about Orlando, Miami, and Atlanta being teams #21, 22, and 23 here . As of right now team #24 will most likely be Minneapolis, Sacramento, or San Antonio. Of course, if we miss out on being team 24, that doesn’t mean we won’t be team 25. Artificial scarcity is keeping everybody on their toes.


Jon Marthaler from the Star Tribune has written a story about Minneapolis being mentioned during the address.  His ending line pretty much sums it up “As always with talk of an MLS franchise in Minnesota, many, many questions remain. But it’s clear that, in the league’s collective mind, Minneapolis remains an intriguing possibility”.



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