Minnesota United FC

Now, we can all sit here dreaming of future MLS days where the sky is covered in Landon Donovan-shaped gumdrops and Don Garber rubs our feet
Minnesota United Logo 1Or, we can get outside and start supporting soccer now. As you’ve already learned from the history of Minnesota soccer page, the buckyball is in our blood and it continues to this day. Minnesota United FC play in the NASL (division 2) at a soccer specific stadium, the National Sports Complex (NSC), in Blaine.

The supporters group, called the Dark Clouds, typically stand on the East side of the bleachers.  You can’t miss them. Everyone is welcome to join, but be prepared to sing and cheer!

Other important things to know:

  • the National Sports Center has become known as Nessy, hence that fascination with the Scottish Loch Ness Monster.
  • we have a bitter rivalry with Milwaukee that is only fueled by the fact that they don’t have a real soccer team, making them even more pathetic.
  • We have only one rule: Complete and Total Jackassery.
  • All of the United away games are webcast and there are almost always watch parties at the Nomad in Minneapolis and the Sweetwater Bar and Grill in St. Paul
  • United have continued the long tradition of Minnesotan professional soccer supporting youth teams. The players are actively involved with the community and growing the quality of soccer in our young players. We see soccer as a community; the players and fans alike build passion by sharing our love for soccer.