How To Help

Many of us have watched the Messianic scenes in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Toronto with absolute jealousy. We think, I want that here, now. The thing is: we can’t just hope and pray that some day a rich bloke will walk up, give us a team, and we’ll be able to show up and have 20k fans next to us ready to sing. That’s not what soccer is about. It isn’t about showing up and waiting for someone to tell you to sing or clap. Soccer is about loving the game so much that you’ll show up on a 40 degree night in the rain, catch a cold, and lose your voice just so you can watch your team fight their hardest. Soccer is about building a community of soccer fans. Minnesotan soccer fans have a long history of supporting causes, creating banners, and helping to plan out our stadium.

So what can you do? Go absolutely crazy, that’s what. You can watch soccer on tv and get excited, but it isn’t until you get out there on a dreary night and realize that the forward on the pitch relies on the energy you’re giving to get excited. That’s what soccer is about. So tell everyone you know. Find your grandma, find your cousin, and get them out to support soccer.

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