Grant Wahl Predicts Minneapolis gets MLS Expansion

by Joe Leyba on January 7, 2015

mls-logoIs 2015 the year that Minneapolis finally gets an MLS franchise?  SI writer Grant Wahl thinks so.  He thinks that Miami’s stadium plans will fall through and Minnesota and Sacramento get the nod.

Even the Sacramento Bee is predicting a franchise for Minneapolis.  Interestingly, they also say “because of Miami’s inability to produce a viable stadium plan, Republic FC steps up and steals the second MLS team.”

From this, it seems like people think Minneapolis is a lock for expansion.   The wild card in the race is Miami.  News out of Florida is slim with one camp saying Jay Z is dropping $100 million in the bid and another source says nothing is happening.  Fans in Miami are confidently expecting “…several positive announcements in the first quarter of the next year.”

Locally, the biggest question is who gets the Minnesota franchise?  The Pioneer Press recently did a background story focusing on the competing local MLS expansion groups.  The ultimate twist would be if Miami does fall through, would one of these two groups partner with Beckham and get their expansion fee lowered from $100 million to $25 million?  That would be a large savings to invest in the team.



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A Must Read Summary of Minnesota MLS expansion

by Joe Leyba on December 10, 2014

Alex Schieferdecker has put together a great summary of the current Minnesota soccer stadium situation.  We consider this article a must-read for anybody interested in MLS expansion.

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