Minnesota United Needs Our Help

by Joe Leyba on March 30, 2016

This letter arrived from Minnesota United earlier today.  If you have the time, please reach out to your respective state representatives.

MN United Stadium

Dear Minnesota United Supporter,

As you may be aware, Minnesota United FC is currently seeking legislative approval to move forward with our privately financed stadium in the Midway area of St. Paul. While our new facility has the full support of the Mayor of St. Paul and the City Council, there are still some actions to be taken at the Minnesota legislature that would help us move forward with construction of the stadium. The legislature will be taking first action on the bill this Thursday, March 31 in the Senate Tax Committee.

We are asking the legislature to approve three items:

  • Continuation of a property tax exemption for a 12 acre site that includes the 8 acre stadium footprint and 4 acres of green and open space. Much of this land has been tax exempt for decades as it had previously served as a “bus barn” for Metro Transit buses.
  • Sales tax exemption on construction materials for the stadium. It is worth pointing out that while every other professional sports stadium in the state has received this exemption from the legislature, no other professional sports stadium in the state has been privately financed.
  • An on sale license for liquor at the stadium.

This is where you, the fans, come in. We are asking our fans, as well as other soccer supporters across the state to reach out to their respective state senator and state representative to let them know that soccer is important to our state’s culture and quality of life and they should support Minnesota United’s effort to build a new, MLS-sized, stadium in St. Paul.

Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States and is incredibly popular across Minnesota:

  • 117 soccer associations exist as part of the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association
  • 66 of these associations are in the Metro Area, 51 in Greater Minnesota
  • Professional soccer ranks second in popularity among 12-34 year olds in the U.S., second only to NFL Football.
How can you help?
If you are unaware of who your state senator or state representative are, you can look them up using the state legislature’s District Finder found here: http://www.gis.leg.mn/OpenLayers/districts/ – the legislators who will be voting on our bill are those with “MN House” or “MN Senate” beneath their names and picture. Click on their picture for their contact information.

It’s critical that the Senate Tax Committee hears from you today! So if you are from one of the Committee members districts it’s crucial they hear your story and support. Tax Committee members can be found here: http://www.senate.mn/committees/committee_bio.php?cmte_id=1019

It is important when you reach out to include a personal story of what soccer means to you and your family. Please, also be respectful to legislators and legislative staff when voicing your opinion.

Remember, legislators will be voting this Thursday, so it’s important to voice your opinion soon to inform your legislators of your stance before the vote.

Thank you an advance for your support, we look forward to playing soccer in Minnesota for decades to come.

If you have any questions please email info@mnunitedfc.com


MN United Finalizes Stadium Plan

by Joe Leyba on November 1, 2015

Minnesota United FC and the City of Saint Paul announced that a new soccer stadium will be built at the Snelling-Midway bus barn site in Saint Paul, providing a home for Major League Soccer (MLS) in the state of Minnesota.

“Today is a great day for Saint Paul, for soccer and for the entire state,” said Mayor Coleman. “I am thrilled that the team wants to work with the community to build a stadium here in Saint Paul. A soccer stadium will provide an important catalyst for the redevelopment of the entire area – creating jobs, spurring housing and new commercial opportunities, and building on our commitment to transit oriented development. With an agreed framework for the construction of this stadium, we are confident that working with the community, our local and state partners and with one another, we can complete the process necessary to bring MLS to Minnesota.”

Find out more about the new stadium at http://www.newstpaulstadium.com/